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Matt Poole put the Nutri-Grain Ironman Series on notice at Coolum, dominating the opening stages of the round but as he says, one wave was all that separated first and fourth.

I can’t really catch a break. I’m racing well, I’m doing everything right but I’m coming unstuck in crucial situations. It was rough and wild today at Coolum and I went into the event with a relaxed attitude - I guess that was the secret to doing well in the first few races.

After the horrors of last weekend and my equipment severely letting me down, I had a new ski made in three days. Having a ski built, especially one of high-quality that perfectly suits my body, usually takes weeks not days.

I put the new craft through its paces and had that addictive taste of glory again after winning the first of three races. It was the ideal way to begin and with a fourth in the second race, I was tied with Kendrick Louie on overall points and happy with the situation.

In the final race of the day, I had to finish in the top three to win the round and I was doing it comfortably until the final leg of the ski when a massive wave struck and knocked me back into fifth. I knew with one lap to go I had to make up two spots but the boys in the lead jagged a fast-running wave and were too far ahead.

As it turned out it, that wave was the difference between first and fourth and I was forced to settle with the latter. It isn’t a terrible result but I’m a bit frustrated because it could have been better – it should have been better. I was so close to the win but not getting it is upsetting.

Every athlete’s body is starting to breakdown with the final round of the series next weekend. Competing in these formats is extremely physically taxing and I’ll need to grit my teeth and do what needs to be done at Noosa. The toughest guy is going to win on Sunday – it’s as simple as that.

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