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Now a fully-fledged Melburnian after relocating from Auckland in 2009, Amin PaYnE fills us in on his involvement in Red Bull Beat Suite 2012 and the road to his new album release – the space-age soul opus Cosmic Dusfunktions.
RED BULL: You were involved in the Red Bull Beat Suite in Melbourne in 2012 – how was the experience?
AMIN PAYNE: It was an amazing life changing experience, not to mention such an honour to be part of such a creative and musical innovation. My role for the RBBS was to trigger pre-recorded samples and do live finger drumming using my drum machines in time with the orchestra and the other beatmakers/DJs. Basically the beatmakers and DJs were the backbone of the show performing original music as well as covers of songs by Aloe Blacc and Ladi 6.

RB: What was it like working with Aloe and Ladi6, and the rest of the RBBS team?
AP: Working with Aloe and Ladi6 was an honour, both very humble and talented individuals who with the least amount of rehearsals happened to ace the performance flawlessly. I learnt a lot of music theory and time co-ordination, and was exposed to how complicated and difficult song writing for an orchestra can be. Due credit and respect to the talented Sir Tamil Rogeon who composed and arranged this masterpiece.
RB: How long has the record Cosmic Disfunktions been in the works, and what are your thoughts on the finished product now that it’s finally seen the light of day?
AP: I am happy to finally have the album out, released and ready to be heard by the world as it been in the works for too long in my books, as I usually complete an album or project within three or four months. I started the project in March whilst working full time, other gigs, projects and of course the extensive project that was the RBBS. Having said that, as proud of the album Cosmic Disfunktions as I am and hope people enjoy the journey, I feel that there is a whole wave of new music that I have created and been working on more recently that I am excited to have released.
RB: Talk us through the process, and what styles and themes you’ve tackled across the album.
AP: The title of the album when broken down explains the creative scope of the project.  The word Cosmic being “transcending through future and electronic elements via synthesizers and drum machines”, and Disfunktions as a description of disco and funk sampled/inspired music, together with a more modern and edgy 80s sound. The album in its entirety was produced in my bedroom studio with drum machines and analogue synthesisers only and mixed and mastered on Cubase editing software. All the featured artists are talented and close friends of mine who I felt could assist on some tracks, a number of which ended up making the final album cut.
RB: Cosmic Disfunktions is obviously the culmination of a big part of your musical life, but how did you get started?
AP: I always had a passion for music and have been playing the guitar for a few years.  However, how it started was when I started DJing and realised that all I was doing was re-composing music in my head and breaking down each separate layer. That is when I knew that I wanted to compose my own music, whether it was for my own therapy or for people to enjoy. I have been producing music for over six years now and have changed the tools I use and style and manner that I compose with over the time. Most of my musical highlights were in 2012 when I started performing live shows using drum machines and instruments.

RB: You’re also involved with the Condensed Milk and The Operatives collectives in Melbourne – how does that tie in with your work as a solo artist?
AP: The Condensed Milk Collective is a movement based around spreading good music, art and culture. This is a small and intimate collective of like-minded DJs and producers –Jackson Miles, SilentJay, Mathias Tordjman and myself. At present we have been hosting events and creating compilations to help spread the good music and support local and international talent. Right now The Operatives is doing great things for the Melbourne music scene and since the chief, Jerry Poon, asked me to become a member I have been involved in some great events and many more to come.

RB: With the album now out, what’s your plan for 2013?
AP: 2012 was a great year for me filled with a lot of blessings. I am aiming to be as productive and motivated as last year to achieve even bigger goals.  This year you can expect three collaborative albums from me, more compilations via Condensed Milk, as well as my first physical record pressing which has been dream of mine for many years. You can also expect a string of live shows locally and interstate.

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