Julian Wilson in La Reunion

As grommets they cared for each other about as much most folk do the dentist – they didn’t want a bar of the other. So it’s was only fitting that two of the ASP’s best surfers settled their differences at Reunion Island.

Courtesy of Red Bull and that filmer you might have heard a little but about, Kai Neville, Julian and Jordy descended upon the French colony in the middle of the Indian Ocean for the finals scenes of Jordy’s latest movie Bending Colours.

And to prove their rivalry was nothing but healthy nowadays, Kai pieced together the remaining footage to make a three-part series. Or, a comprehensive how-to-do video on aerial manouvres. Other than Julian’s bright yellow wetsuit, the finished product is very easy to watch, following the lads as they search out the best waves on the island and compete for aerial supremacy – something they’ve been doing since their days on the junior circuit.

“If one of us lands something that the other doesn’t, we’re pissed off until we can match it or better it,” Wilson says with a grin. “It was super fun.”

Bending Colours was released in Australian last week to critical acclaim from core surfing titles. Julian’s La Reunion series however, delves a little deeper into the pair’s relationship and the lighter side of professional surfing.

Well, if we’re being honest, it’s not like there’s a heavy side, right? La Reunion is as informative and insightful is it is entertaining and finishes with some spectacular footage that is sure to show up in someone's film sometimes soon. We won't spoil it for you.

Check it out. Enjoy.




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