Momo from Diafrix takes time out from the studio they're currently bunkered down in to give Red Bull the lowdown on their successful 2012, touring with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and the Western Bulldogs.  

Red Bull: You’ve been doing your thing around Oz for a while now, but things really seemed to pick up for you in 2012 – do you think that’s because of the hard work you’ve done previously, or finally finding your sound, or both? 
MOMO: We put a lot of sweet and tears into our work, we have always had people who liked and supported our music. But we wanted to create something of our own that could reach a bigger audience. I think working with Styalz Fuego helped us find a sound that worked real well and write the chapter we are on right now. I think as an artist you are always evolving especially in the industry we are in - there's always a new wave of fused music. It's always nice to take from different inspirations and sounds then create something that’s new for yourself.   

RB: Pocket Full Of Dreams has been out for nearly six months now – how is it sounding to you guys with a little bit of distance and perspective?
MOMO: Without sounding arrogant I love the way our album sounds. It captures a time in our life and not many people can do that. We are lucky, 'cause we can and then share it with people. Some people cringe at their older work, but I sure don’t - each song I make a special part of me. 

RB: You’ve both come from backgrounds where you and your families have come through tough times overseas to settle in Australia – is that still part of the stories you tell with Diafrix? 
MOMO: It's our history and will always be a part of us, but that’s not the only stories we have to share. I think we show that on Pocket Full Of Dreams. We always capture what we are experiencing, Azmarino and I are always calling each other with different ideas. We keep workshopping songs until we are happy with an idea before we lay it all down properly.   

RB: How did things go down for you on the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tour?
MOMO: We've toured with a lot of people in our 10 years working this industry. Never have I felt like or seen the success for an artist unfold before me like this. I felt like we weren’t worlds apart, their humble manner created a great touring environment. Every night without a question at the end of their set Macklemore was repping us, telling the audience to support our music - I've never experienced that. I would have to say this tour is the one I won't forget.  Every city was wild and surprised us - it was like the crowd that was at these gigs had just come out of hiding. 

RB: It must be kind of inspiring seeing what those guys have done – years of work, fiercely independent, not exactly a mainstream hip hop sound yet they’ve pretty much taken over the world?
MOMO: Very inspiring to watch an independent act explode like that! It really motivated us to push the envelope at each gig. I remember we got the crowd so amped at one of the shows I walked back to grab some water and saw Macklemore and Ryan's crew with the biggest smiles on their faces, bigging us up. The last gig in Melbourne which ended the tour we got invited on stage for their encore which we didn’t expect. It was crazy!  

RB: What do you see yourselves doing for the rest of 2013?
MOMO: We are back in the studio already just having some fun recording and developing ideas. Its always important to keep the ball rolling and now, have fun but we know when to change gears and get right back in the thick of it. We are just about to kick off our second national tour for our album. We are shooting a new music video next week in Sydney for one of our songs which pays homage to the old school R&B and Hip Hop we grew up on. We are hoping to get back to the Motherland this year before we finish recording our next project.

RB: Finally, Running It has been tagged by the Western Bulldogs as their official theme tune for the year. Are you guys big into your footy?
MOMO: I've never been a big footy fan, I would only watch the sport on grand final day if that. But I’ve always really enjoyed the atmosphere of being at a live game especially a tough game is. Three years ago I met my good friend Harry O'Brien [from the Collingwood Magpies] who invited us to games and I really enjoyed that experience so I've grown to understand the sport a lot more. I grew up right next to the Bulldogs' stadium the first ever game I attended was at the Whitten Oval. My father was a big Bulldogs fan. So there is a connection there that I never real knew there was because of lack of knowledge in the sport. So I'm looking forward to watching the boys play this year. We went to watch them train recently and I tell you, I don’t know how these boys do it.

Diafrix tour Pocket Full Of Dreams across Australia from Friday 22 March to Saturday 4 May - get the full dates @ https://www.facebook.com/events/619143731433253/.


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