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Maddison. Robbie Maddison. The freestyle moto cross star has admitted to feeling a little shaken and stirred at the prospect of Australian audiences getting their first glimpse of him as James Bond’s stunt double in the series’ latest incarnation, Skyfall.

Premiering in Australia today and released next week, November 22, Skyfall is Maddison’s first foray into stunt doubling and yet another reason for fans to “Q” to see what’s being touted as the best Bond film, ever. In case you missed them that’s three appalling Bond references now, so enough with that. On with the show.

“The James Bond part was sick fun,” Robbie said. “I’ve always wanted to tick that box of being a stunt man because as a kid it’s what I wanted to do.”

And while he’s jumped canyons, buildings and sharks – hold it, that was The Fonz – Robbie said flying across flimsy rooftops in Istanbul for the opening sequence was up there with his favourite achievements.

“I wasn’t wearing a helmet!” he said with a laugh. “That’s not normal for me. And on those roofs, which weren’t even a metre wide, it was scary. But it was a helluva rush. I can’t wait to see my name in the credits.

“Who knows, maybe it could be a new career!”

No doubt. Let’s just say it didn’t take too much convincing to get Robbie into a Tom Ford suit and dye his hair blond – and not the first time, mind you.

“I did actually get to suit up like Bond for the part and I got a photo with Daniel Craig, both of us in the suits. That was super cool,” he said. “I had a beer with Daniel Craig a few times. He’d come and hang out with us at the bar and he is a super nice guy. He was really stoked I was doing the stunts for him. He wanted to know all about the big jumps and how I pulled them off. He’s super humble and a good guy.

“I could see myself doing more of that, for sure!”

And with his Red Bull X-Fighters commitments having taken a back seat, don’t be surprised to see the world record-holder in more than just films.

“I’ve actually taken a little bit of a change in direction with what I’m doing,” Robbie said. “I’ve been competing in the freestyle game for five or six years and I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have too much value to add. Most of the stuff I’ve wanted to achieve I feel like I’ve done. If you want to keep winning and keep up with all the latest tricks you’d do it forever, but I’m moving in a new direction now.

“My New Year’s eve jumps and that sort of thing have allowed me to get to the point where I can go out do what I want. I’ve kind of proved my worth to sponsors that there’s going to be some kind of cool, crazy thing happening. Who knows what next?”

Ahh, we do…

“Haha. Well, okay, but it’s gonna be big so let’s keep it under wraps for a while longer,” he finished with a laugh.




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