Red Bull MOBILE Scout program is back! We are giving 10 of our fans with the most online influence the chance to enter the World of Red Bull and party at some of our major events in 2012 with us as a VIP. You could win a trip to the 2012 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, where you'll stay in the Red Bull house and have the time of your life. After that, who knows where we'll send you next? Plus, we'll give you a free Red Bull MOBILE handset so you can share every minute with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google +.... wherever.

How Do I Become a Scout?

For your chance to WIN a spot as a Scout in 2012, you need to:

  1. Head to http://facebook.com/RedBullMOBILE and click on the 'Australia' tab (You won't be able to see the tab if you are visiting on a mobile phone. Try it from a tablet device or your laptop / desktop computer).
  2. Follow the prompts to calculate your 'Klout score'.
  3. Enter your contacts details.

Entering is that easy. We will announce winners in late February.

How Do I Redeem My Perk?

Anyone who enters by calculating their Klout score on the Red Bull MOBILE Facebook page is eligible for a special 'perk'. To redeem your 'perk':

  1. Enter the Scout program as per the above instructions.
  2. Go to http://win.gs/Access7
  3. Choose an Access 7 SIM for $10
  4. Enter the code "Klout".
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

We will take care of the rest and ship you a SIM loaded with 60 days Access to Red Bull MOBILE. Please note that this perk is only offered whilst we are accepting new Scout entrants. This offer may not be available after the end of February.

For more details and for the terms and conditions, head to http://scout.redbullmobile.com.au


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