Nina Kraviz

She may not have burst on to the scene off the back of Red Bull Music Academy as rapidly as fellow Melbourne 2006 alumni Flying Lotus and Aloe Blacc, but Nina Kraviz is benefitting from the slow burn approach.

2012 has been especially busy for the Moscow-based DJ/producer. Off the back of the launch of her debut self-titled long-player in February, Nina’s busy touring schedule has seen her behind the decks in “places I would have never visited if I wasn't a DJ”.

Add to that shooting the clip to the album’s lead track, Ghetto Kraviz, in Berlin’s Arena nightclub, working the northern festival circuit, playing Space in Ibiza, and collaborating with Hugo Boss plus contributing a song for one of their fashion shows, and it’s hardly surprising she dubs 2012 “the busiest year that I have ever had in my whole life”.

Nearly 12 months down the track from releasing Nina Kraviz, Nina has gained a new appreciation for an album that was recorded “relatively fast” across a “special period of my life where songs are coming out of your chest just like that”.

“After releasing the record I had quite a break from listening to it,” Nina explains. “The first time I heard it again was a few months later when I was in the car driving from Rome to a little city in the east coast of the country. The landscape was so beautiful that it was almost painful: naked mountains as if it was somewhere on the moon, blue sky and endless road.

“I asked the driver to turn the volume up. For about an hour neither of us uttered a word. When the record was about to finish, somewhere around the main chorus of Fire I caught myself on the thought that I really liked what I was listening to. I had this weird feeling as if that entire 70 minute audio story was about someone other than me – someone that I used to know very well...”

Musically, the album touches on the full spectrum of Nina’s musical loves, which she happily lists: “90s pop music, acid, Chicago ghetto house, cheap booty music, disco and especially that edgy almost Italo disco, obscured dark electro, soul, J Dilla, Detroit, techno, Grace Jones, Gina X, Parrish, Patrick Adams, Green Velvet, Arthur Russell…”

At its core, though, is a dancefloor sensibility rooted in techno and house, which makes the Rekids label of Matt Edwards (better known as Radio Slave) the perfect home for her creations. And though her record only dropped this year, it was in 2006 when their paths first crossed – Matt a lecturer at the Melbourne edition of Red Bull Music Academy, and Nina one of the lucky participants.

“The fact that I attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne is pretty outstanding,” Nina says. “I think it drastically changed my life. It was such a self-confidence boost, such a unique experience.”

Nina also connected with veteran UK DJ Greg Wilson there, with Greg (who told Red Bull earlier this year that Nina made a “lasting impression” on him) later releasing her Amok track as part of MySpaceRocket on his B77 label. The friendship she made with fellow participant Daniel Brandt has also proved to be a long-lasting one.

“Apart from his drummer business at Brandt Brauer Frick collective, he is running a film company, directing films and music videos. For instance my first video for I'm Week song was directed by him. He also partly runs Gym record label that I contributed some songs to. Recently we recorded a song for Brandt Brauer Frick’s upcoming album.”

Nina finally returns to Australia for the Stereosonic tour, kicking off in Sydney this week, to deliver her take on “music that somehow stimulates imagination”. 

“No particular expectations,” she says of her Australian visit. “I just wanna enjoy being in this beautiful country.”

And her goals for 2013 are similarly modest.

“I would like to continue enjoying my life. I hope to improve myself a bit and find the right inspiration to record new music.”

Nina Kraviz tours Australia for Stereosonic from Saturday 24 November to Sunday 2 December – more info @ She also plays the Closing Night party of Electronic Music Conference at Ivy Pool Club (Sydney) on Wednesday 28 November – more info @


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