Felix Baumgartner in the Red Bull Stratos capsule Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Media House has announced the Red Bull Stratos mission will be broadcast live via YouTube and the Seven Network. The mission will see athlete Felix Baumgartner attempt a record-breaking freefall from 120,000 feet above the earth.  If successful, he will become the first man to break the speed of sound with his own body.

More than 35 moving and still image cameras will be used to document the mission including two ground-based optical tracking systems which will allow viewers to track live Felix’s entire freefall from the moment he steps off of his capsule, to when he deploys his parachute, to his triumphant landing.

The incredible feat will be broadcast live and exclusively on television via a Seven News special on 7mate on Sunday 14th October, allowing viewers to follow the jump from the balloon’s launch in Roswell, New Mexico, to Felix’ descent back to earth, from their living room in Australia.



Red Bull Media House’s extensive expertise in live broadcast production will deliver an embeddable live stream to any digital platform including mobile on the day of the Red Bull Stratos mission. The live stream will be broadcast on www.redbullstratos.com, on the Red Bull Channel on YouTube, on www.facebook.com/redbullstratos.

The weather window will re-open on Sunday 14th October. 

The mission promises to deliver valuable scientific data and protocols that could save the lives of high altitude explorers who may need to survive emergency bail-outs from above the Armstrong line (62,000 feet). Col. Joe Kittinger is the only man alive who has been close to where Felix will go. In 1960, he set the current freefall record from 102,800 feet as part of the Project Excelsior mission with the United States Air Force. Col. Kittinger is an advisor on the Red Bull Stratos mission, and will be the only voice in Felix’s ear over radio communications throughout his ascent and freefall.




About the YouTube Live Stream

The YouTube live stream experience will enable Red Bull Media House to deliver a four-hour live broadcast to viewers around the world. The Red Bull Stratos mission broadcast will include: 

  • Narration from broadcasting legend, Robert Hager, who was a news correspondent for NBC News for over thirty years
  • A live data feed that will show viewers exactly where Felix is in the sky, his rate of speed during the freefall, and how high above earth he is throughout the entire flight
  • The ability to listen to the radio communications between Col. Joe Kittinger and Felix during the entire flight
  • Live moving images broadcast from the launch site, the capsule, helicopter with Cineflex and two high altitude tracking systems in infrared and HD
  • Live chat on www.redbullstratos.com



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