Vettel, Lauda, Marko Red Bull Ring

The Red Bull Ring is officially open in Spielberg, Austria and it has already tempted motor racing stars Sebastian Vettel and Niki Lauda to check it out, with the help of Helmut Marko. Here's what they had to say about the Ring...

Sebastian Vettel – Formula 1 World Champion

I was 14 years-old the first time I was at Spielberg for a Formula König race and I watched the drivers there with great enthusiasm, including the Austrian, Bernhard Auinger. At that time I was very new to the Red Bull family. A lot of time has passed since then and it has changed a lot. I like the new track very much, as the core of the circuit remains the same. The downhill sections with the curves, which are still hanging to the outside, are very tricky, especially because today the track was wet. It would be very nice to drive a race here and I would be very happy if Formula 1 should return to the Red Bull Ring – preferably during my career! ;)

Niki Lauda – Three times Formula 1 World Champion
I first raced in Spielberg in 1971 and in 1984 and celebrated a home victory in the Austrian F1 Grand Prix. Today I went back and competed in the legend's race again, winning narrowly from Dieter Quester. It's really impressive what's happened here. I am very happy that the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg has been revived – it's a huge asset to the racing scene in Austria. The basic route is the same, but the whole course is in perfect condition and has similar modern facilities to those in Bahrain.

Helmut Marko – Red Bull Motorsport
What has been rebuilt, is truly unique. Not just the ring itself, but the entire project in Spielberg. The area is harmoniously integrated into the landscape. Not only motor sports fans, but families can spend an entire weekend there. The mood among the surrounding population is very good, everybody is happy that the area here has been revived.

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