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Red Bull Racing was established at the end of 2004, out of the ashes of Jaguar Racing. And how far has the team come in such a short time? Two drivers' championships and two constructors' championships, not to mention a trail of F1 Showcar rubber all over the world. Here's a quick look back at the 55 greatest moments in the team's history... 

1. Red Bull Racing Is Born: 2005

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David Coulthard signs on to join Christian Klien after a brilliant career at McLaren-Mercedes, in which he won 13 grand prix. His impact at Red Bull Racing was immediate.

2. First points: Australian Grand Prix 2005


The team races to an auspcious start as Coulthard (fourth) and Klien (seventh) both score points at the Australian Grand Prix, the first race of the season.

3. Stormtrooper Takeover: Monaco Grand Prix 2005


The Force is with the team at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2005. In a promotion for the sixth Star Wars movie, 'Revenge of the Sith,' the team is replaced by Stormtroopers.

4. First Podium: Monaco Grand Prix 2006

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After Coulthard finishes third at Monaco -- for Red Bull Racing's first-ever podium -- Team Boss Christian Horner makes good on a promise to jump into the pool naked (almost).

5. Mark Webber Joins the Team in 2007

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Red Bull Racing signs Aussie Mark Webber in 2007. Here, the former Jaguar Racing driver faces quite a reception at his home grand prix in Australian to start the season.

6. Special Livery: Wings for Life in 2007

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To raise money for Red Bull's Wings for Life charity, the team offered fans an opportunity have their faces on the livery of the racecars for the British Grand Prix.

7. Vettel's First Win With Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari in 2008

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Already known as Baby Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel scores pole and takes victory at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza under wet condition, no less. It may not have been in a Red Bull Racing car, but the win signaled what was to come...

8. Sebastian Vettel Joins Red Bull Racing in 2009

nullMark Thompson/Red Bull Racing

There was always something unique about Sebastian Vettel. Aside from his precociousness -- he the youngest driver to win a grand prix -- he brought much-needed individualism and enthusiasm to the sport.

9. First Pole: Chinese Grand Prix 2009

nullVladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images

Vettel is clutch as he makes the most of a car beset with mechanical issues. Although he's only able to manage one flying lap in the final two qualifying sessions, he still puts the car on pole.

10. First Win: Chinese Grand Prix 2009

nullMark Thompson/Getty Images

As he did in his first-ever win (with Scuderia Toro Rosso) Vettel is best on a rain-soaked track. Webber finishes second for Red Bull Racing's first one-two. Here, Vettel seems pretty comfortable with the Champers.

11. Win No. 2: British Grand Prix 2009 

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Vettel getting used to the podium. With his second win for Red Bull Racing -- and the second overall for the team --the young German driver puts himself in the thick of the title hunt.

12. Win No. 3: German Grand Prix 2009 

nullClive Mason/Getty Images

It's another one-two for Red Bull Racing at Vettel's home grand prix. But it's Mark Webber on the top step of the podium for his first career win. Think he's happy?

13. Win No. 4: Japanese Grand Prix 2009

nullClive Mason/Getty Images 

Vettel claims his third win of the season with a romp from wire to wire -- and hence, full emergence of the Vettel finger thrust.

14. Win No. 5: Brazilian Grand Prix 2009

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Mark Webber notches career win number two with a breezy victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Vettel finished fourth, while Jenson Button of Brawn GP clinched his first drivers' title. 

15. Win No. 6: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009

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Vettel and Webber end the season with their fourth one-two finish, with the top step going to Vettel. The points further cement the team's second place finish in the constructors' championship.

16. Sebastian Vettel Finishes Second in 2009

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While Vettel's number two placement in the drivers' championship standings was certainly something to savour, the young German driver was clearly not satisfied. He would not have to wait long...

17. Unveiling the Red Bull Racing RB6


Vettel and Webber draw back the cover to reveal the Adrian Newey-designed RB6.

18. Win No. 7: Malaysian Grand Prix 2010 

nullMark Thompson/Getty Images

From the first grand prix of the season, in Bahrain, it's clear that Red Bull Racing RB6 is fast. And in the third race -- after two pole positions, in Bahrain and Australia -- Vettel puts the car on top in Malaysia.

19. Win No. 8: Spanish Grand Prix 2010 

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The team's qualifying pace continues to shine at Circuit de Catalunya, with Webber and Vettel locking in the top two spots. Webber wins handily. Vettel finishes third.

20. F1 on Ice: The Return to Canada


To celebrate the return of the Canadian Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing F1 Showcar makes a reconnaissance mission to the north.

21. Win No. 9: Monaco Grand Prix 2010

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Four years after David Coulthard put Red Bull Racing on the podium at the most prestigious F1 race of them all, Webber gives the team a spectacular win, earning him a dip.

22. Win No. 10: European Grand Prix 2010

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After a bit of a slump, Vettel wins on the street course in Valencia, Spain.

23. Win No. 11: British Grand Prix 2010

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Webber followed Vettel's European Grand Prix win with his third win of the season -- and another pole position -- putting him ahead of Vettel in the championship fight.

24. Win No. 12: Hungarian Grand Prix 2010

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Webber's victory in Hungary puts him on top of the drivers' championship.

25. X2010 Prototype Project with Gran Turismo


Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey assists video game developer Polyphony Digital to create the sophisticated “X2010 Prototype” for much-hyped 'Gran Turismo 5' racing sim.

26. Win No. 13: Japanese Grand Prix 2010

nullPaul Gilham/Getty Images

Another wet race, another Vettel victory. Webber remains on top of the standings, but Vettel is now second, setting the stage for an exciting finish to the 2010 season.

27. Win No. 14: Brazilian Grand Prix 2010

nullMark Thompson/Getty Images

With Vettel on the top step of the podium and Webber on the second, Red Bull Racing is able to secure enough points lock in the constructors' championship, a first for the team. But the best is yet to come.

28. Win No. 15: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010

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An absolutely incredible and clutch victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix gives Vettel, at 23 years and four months, the distinction of being the youngest driver to ever win the F1 drivers' championship.

29. Sebastian Vettel Is Youngest Ever Drivers' Champion


A look back at Vettel and Red Bull Racing's amazing 2010 season.

30. The Champion Returns Home

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Vettel takes his RB6 home to Heppenheim, Germany, for a victory tour, and the entire town comes out to greet him. Who knew this would be a tradition?

31. Unveiling the RB7 for the 2011 Season


32. Win No. 16: Australian Grand Prix 2011

nullGetty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Seb kicks off his championship defense with a strong win in the season opener...

33. Win No. 17: Malaysian Grand Prix 2011 

nullClive Mason/Getty Images

And another in the second race of the season...

34. Win No. 18: Turkish Grand Prix 2011

nullBryn Lennon/Getty Images

After a Lewis Hamilton win at the Chinese Grand Prix, Vettel makes it three wins out of four races to start 2011.

35. Win No. 19: Spanish Grand Prix 2011

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After five races, Vettel has four pole positions and four wins in what is shaping up to become a dominating year.

36. Win No. 20: Monaco Grand Prix 2011 

null© Mark Thompson/Getty Images

It's Vettel's turn to taste victory in Monaco.

37. Win No. 21: European Grand Prix 2011

nullMark Thompson/Getty Images

Vettel wins his second European Grand Prix in a row with a rare trifecta, locking in pole, fastest lap and the win. He is six for eight on the season.

38. Win No. 22: Belgium Grand Prix 2011

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Vettel continues his winning ways at the historic Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Underlying his dominating season is the team's clamp on pole position. Over the entire season, Vettel and Webber would take every pole save one (Hamilton at the Korean Grand Prix).

39. Red Bull Racing F1 Showcar First on Austin F1 Circuit


40. Win No. 23: Italian Grand Prix 2011

nullPaul Gilham/Getty Images

It's another pole position and win for Vettel.

41. Tom Cruise Test Drives Red Bull Racing F1 Car


42. Win No. 24: Singapore Grand Prix 2011

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In Singapore, Vettel wins his third race in a row. Webber finishes second.

43. Sebastian Vettel Wins Second Drivers' Championship

With a third place finish at the Japanese Grand Prix, Vettel clinches his second drivers' championship.

44. Win No. 25: Korean Grand Prix 2011

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Even with the drivers' title under his belt, Vettel does not let off the gas pedal, claiming his 10th victory of the season in Korea.

45. Win No. 26: Indian Grand Prix 2011

nullPaul Gilham/Getty Images

And then he goes back-to-back in India.

46. Win No. 27: Brazilian Grand Prix 2011

nullPaul Gilham/Getty Images

Webber celebrates a banner Red Bull Racing season with a win in Brazil.

47. Unveiling the RB8 for the 2012 Season


48. Win No. 28: Bahrain Grand Prix 2012

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Vettel's title defense begins slowly but he puts it together at the fourth race of the season.

49. Win No. 29: Monaco Grand Prix 2012

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Webber in familiar territory... earning his second victory at Monaco.

50. Win No. 30: British Grand Prix 2012

null© Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Webber also wins his second British Grand Prix and celebrates victory with a new Red Bull Racing contract (and some Champagne).

51. David Coulthard Rips Through The Lincoln Tunnel


52. Win No. 31: Singapore Grand Prix 2012 

nullMark Thompson/Getty Images

Vettel relishes his second win of the season.

53. Win No. 32: Japanese Grand Prix 2012

nullMark Thompson/Getty Images

In Japan, Vettel earns pole, fastest lap and victory, in a clear sign that driver, car and team are now in top form.

54. Win No. 33: Korean Grand Prix 2012

nullHere's mud in your eye!: Sebastian shares his victory champagne with Adrian Newey © Getty Images

With the RB8 performing the best it has all season, Vettel dutifully thanks Adrian Newey, the team's chief technical officer and designer of the past three cars, with a spritz.

55. Win No. 34: Indian Grand Prix 2012

nullPaul Gilham/Getty Images

Victory in India gives Vettel four wins in a row for the first time in his career. More importantly, the win gives him some separation atop the championship standings as he seeks his third title.

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